Infinite Tetris

With Infinite Tetris you can play endless geometric brainteasers where ever you are. The standard lasercut wooden game comes with one gameboard and 20 tetrominoes. Use the web app to generate a new geometrical challenge, grab the necessary pieces and solve the puzzle.
In the DUAL version, compete with one or more friends.
If you like Word Search Games, WORDSY TETRIS is all about finding nine hidden words. Generate unlimited word search puzzles with myriad themes.

Generate a Challenge

Generate a Wordsy

Packed in a 3.5-inch box, the game is quite travel-friendly.

Great for "outside the box processors", children with autism can use the game to focus attention.

How To Play

Using geometrical shapes, simply fill5 up the square precisely to solve the challenge. Small enough for convenient travel, preprint a bunch of challenges to play on the plane or kids in the car

Grab the indicated tiles ...

and find the solution...

Generate a Challenge

What's in the Box?

Lasercut wooden game with
  • 3.5-inch square gameboard
  • 20 tetrominoes
  • 28 initial challenges
  • weblink to print endless challenges
  • instructions

The SOLO game comes with 18 unique tetrominoes ...

The DUAL version packs six additional shapes and an extra board, allowing two players to construct challenges for each other.

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Note: If you are local to Aurora, Ontario contact Mark below.

Initial Solutions

Initial Challenges

Each box includes 28 initial challenges to tax your mind. Once you've mastered the challenges, generate endless more challenges with the free web app.



With WORDSY, use the preselected acrylic shapes to mark hidden words. Find all words to complete the challenge.

What's in the Box?

Lasercut acrylic game with
  • 12 tetrominoes
  • 20 initial challenges
  • weblink to print endless challenges
  • instructions

The WORDSY game comes with 12 unique tetrominoes ...